What IS 918KISS 2 and is it SAME WITH 918KISS? Lets Find Out


918kiss is popular for its slot games in the whole of Malaysia and abroad; it is also referred to as 918kiss2 on different website, they are however the same online casino platforms for users. 918kiss2 website allows users to join the 918kiss team via different means, either WhatsApp or telegram. Due to lots of security issues, 918kiss became the branded name for SCR888; the upgrade, however, did not affect the impeccable services the casino is well known form, over the years. 918kiss2 application is supported on android and IOS devices, and the games can be accessed whether on phones, tablets or PC. The application can be downloaded on approved stores at zero charges for players to use; players can also download straight from the correct website. Aside its numerous game collections, 918kiss is also well known for security and confidentiality; players details are fed into the database of the casino; therefore, provisions are made to prevent these pieces of information from being stolen.  Several review sites and blogs have shown the 918kiss site has a high reputation and reliability, it is almost impossible to hack into the system. Reviewers have also praised the outstanding security systems and most 918kiss reviews have been positive. On the official website of 918kiss2, several accreditations and licenses by different organizations gotten by the casino are displayed; this further buttress the fact that the casino is reliable and secure. 918kiss casino is the safest online casino in the whole of Malaysia, there has been no case of breach of users’ privacy, hence the identity, money, and account of users are secure. Their security systems also have two-factor authentication and 128-bit encryption, making them unbreachable. Here are some other important services 918kiss offers

Customer service unit

Another striking quality of the 918kiss2 is how much value their customers and show this in the quality of services they offer; the customer service is professional, friendly, and passionate with easy reach. Customer satisfaction is the priority in 918kiss, and therefore the customer care hotline is kept open all through the day, throughout the weeks in the year. They are on standby 24 hours daily to attend to the needs of their customers in matters relating to logging in, applying for certain promotions or any complaints they may have, and the customer care resolves these issues swiftly to ensure customers do not ever have a moment of regret, on the casino.

Site Maintenance in 918kiss(2)

Site Maintenance is also very key in 918, developers constantly work to improve, upgrade and polish the online casino, for effective deliverables, fresh experience and satisfaction.an example is seen in the rebranding of the name to 918kiss. The application and website go through constant maintenance to meet up with customers’ demands and address them through continuous change and evolution.

918kiss like ever online casino in Malaysia offers numerous bonuses and promotions for players; they include a starter pack, weekly rebate, first deposit bonus, slot bonus, and card game bonus. Free credits are given to new members and can be used to play and wager on games without spending anything. 

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